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What is CryptLoad?

CryptLoad is the Download Manager of the Future.

CryptLoad combines the Best Things of all known Download Managers and gives you the possibility of direct downloading Encrypted Links, as they are i.e. hosted by Rapidsafe.de. The best andvantage is that the Encrypted Links are not visible, therefore there is a good Protection against people who may identify you. All links are encrypted in so called "CryptLoad Container Files" (*.ccf) and can be shared with other users without telling them the real links.

The application was designed for simple and fast loading from the most famous "One Click Hosters", even if the officially do not support Download Accelerators or Managers.

CryptLoad recognizes links by simply copying them into the Clipboard and sorts them into packages. By this you have the possibility to make individual settings, i.e. to automatically extract files from archives after finishing the download.

CryptLoad supports several Account Types and offers special functions for this. For "Free Users" (accounts free of charge) those would be:

  • The integrated Image Recognition Engine recognizes the (Captchas) automatically.
  • CryptLoad also offers a system to cut down the Wait Times after a download. This is based on a simple Router Reconnect to the Provider. If you do not have a Static IP, you can download as you are happy.

For "Premium Users" (payed accounts) the functions would be:

  • By using the so called "Part Download", CryptLoad opens multiple connections to a file, so the speed of the download increases.

For all Account Types, an intelligent Download Control has been added, which increases the Download Rate i.e. by using parallel downloads.

Even normal links can be downloaded with CryptLoad, because it is only a normal Download Manager with some advantages.

In short, CryptLoad is faster, more comfortable and more secure than all other systems on the market.


CryptLoad offers you many features, that makes downloading from One Click Hosters easy:

  • Direct Download from One Click Hosters like Rapidshare.com
  • Decrypting of links from Link Protektor Sites via plugins
  • Many Hoster- and Decrypt-Plugins
  • Intelligent Download Control that gets the best from your bandwidth
    • Parallel downloading from different hosters
    • Part Download like FlashGet
    • Automatic RouterReconnect
  • Files are grouped in packages
  • Supports CCF und RSDF Container
  • Automatic Captcha Recognition
  • Integrated AutoUpdate System
  • Clipboard Observation for quickly inserting Links
  • Optionens for Shutdown/Standby after finishing downloads
  • Automatic Extraction of RAR-Archives with Password Support
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